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Jos 3rd interview at Dolce Vita Sep 2023

Jos was invited to be the interviewee of the television program “Dolce Vita”, which has been produced by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). The program has recently completed its broadcast on Pearl Channel and J2 Channel, and we are pleased to share some clips for viewing purposes.

XoS by JoS


**Xos by Jos (Curated Collectible 精挑細選的珍品系列) **

Xos by Jos 覆蓋中性化至男性化的產物;覆蓋範圍有: 威士忌,罕有威士忌,儲蓄型及收藏型的貴金屬錢幣(金銀幣及白金幣等),以至於藝術品收藏。

有興趣可以蒞臨炮台山旗艦店瀏覽新的**Xos by Jos**系列。




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HKMOL Awards 2022

Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leaders Awards 2022


Jos is delighted to be awarded the “Most Outstanding Leaders Awards of 2022” for three consecutive batches in a row. We are more than appreciation for CORPHUB deliver Jos the HKMOL Awards 2022.

This prestigious award recognizes the efforts made by our team. No matter how difficult these years went through, achievement have been established on its own pace. Jos will continue to promote the “Wearable Art” that the masses can experience more and various the “Art of Chinese Culture.”

Congratulations to Jos.